Offering help with obedience, behavioral issues, aggression, dog walking, fears/shyness, phobias, agility, dog to dog reactiveness, and any other issues you may be having, using play and fun games dogs enjoy!

*Winter classes begin early January and registration opens December 20th. 

My philosophy is to train with positive and fun methods for both owner and dog. I find that the more tools you use to train, the less you are training your dog to listen to you. Your voice is your most valuable tool, and at no cost. No punishments or corrections are needed for a dog to know what you want, and dogs are so much quicker to respond to a positive cue. Training should not feel like work, but like play. Each dog is unique, and training is customized to each dog's abilities and personality.  Fun and positive methods, using imaginative

games lead to long term success!

Coexisting Canine Dog Training

Dog Training in Riverhead, NY

Dog Trainer in Riverhead, NY


Agility fun with Sophie!

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